Construction & Remediation

Woonsocket Falls Dam
Overhaul of Gate Operating Machinery
Woonsocket, Rhode Island

woonsocket-dam Work at the Woonsocket Falls Dam involved overhaul of gate operating machinery. This project required design and construction of a cofferdam system to block river flow in order to adequately dewater each tainter gate sufficient for conducting all necessary work associated with the repair, rehabilitation, and inspection of each gate. A unique steel sheeted cofferdam was designed for this purpose. This work as well as the removal of stones and debris in front of gates in order to install the cofferdam system was accomplished by divers subcontracted for the work. All of the cofferdam construction was accomplished with a crane mounted on a sectional barge located in the river upstream of the dam. Work also included removal, disassembly, cleaning, and inspection of the tainter gate machinery for the 4 gates. inspect, and reassemble 2 trunnion bearings on one of the gates. Upon inspection of the gates in a dewatered condition some deteriorated steel was discovered and repaired prior to painting.

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