FUDS Site Restoration

Naval Auxiliary Landing Field,
Charlestown, Rhode Island

Watermark provided project planning, remedial action construction and site restoration services, closure reporting, and development of a long-term monitoring plan as part of remedial actions at this Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS).

site-restorationThe planning component of this remediation project included substantial coordination and negotiations with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) culminating in an Alternative Method I Cleanup Goal for Site soils which reduced the excavation footprint by more than 40%.

Active remediation efforts included the removal of approximately 5,000 tons of clean cover soils, active dewatering to reach aviation gasoline contaminated soils, on-site treatment and discharge of recovered groundwater, removal and off-site disposal of approximately 1,600 tons of affected soils for thermal treatment, collection of field confirmation samples from the 2 remediation target areas verifying that soils exceeding the Alternate Method I Cleanup objective had been removed, and backfill and compaction of the remediation target areas (with the application of a slow releasing oxidizing agent in the excavation backfill lifts to address any residual contamination over time).

Site restoration activities included extensive grading efforts designed to return the site to its original conditions prior to active remediation tasks, the installation of 4 groundwater monitoring wells to replace monitoring wells removed from within the footprint of the remediation target areas, and the application of a local mix hydroseed to facilitate re-growth of vegetative cover at the Site.  Closure reporting included the preparation and submittal of a Remedial Action Closure Report and development of a Long-Term Monitoring Plan for groundwater at the Site.  Watermark was able to negotiate a quarterly two-year LTMP program with RIDEM for evaluating groundwater quality trends at the Site.




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