Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Program and Commitment

Watermark is committed to the safety of our employees, subcontractors, vendors, site visitors, the general public and, as such, places safety as one of the critical project success factors. Watermark takes great pride in utilizing unique approaches in achieving safe solutions.

The management of Watermark recognizes and accepts its responsibility for the protection of the environment and the health and safety of our personnel in the performance of our services. Watermark’s employees continually strive toward the goal of a perfect health and safety record of zero incidents.

The management and employees of Watermark are extremely proud of our excellent EHS performance record. Our commitment to the environment, health, and safety regulatory compliance is fundamental to our operating philosophy. Watermark firmly believes that ALL incidents are preventable through the development of a pro-active safety culture that includes proper training; planning and tasking of work; implementation of safe work practices; the prompt investigation of “near misses”; and the desire for continuous improvement. It is a job requirement that employees must follow all aspects of our EHS Program and strive for improvements to the program wherever possible. It is essential that all managers and supervisors insist on maximum safety performance and awareness of all employees under their direction, by enthusiastically and consistently communicating our proactive safety culture while administering all safety rules and regulations. It’s not unusual to hear from our employees that they quickly, but respectfully, stopped someone from performing an unsafe behavior or identifying an unsafe condition. It’s also common for this to occur in a non-occupational setting, or on a project where Watermark was not contractually required to monitor and enforce safety. These are the people of Watermark and the people ARE the company.

We believe that “Safety Pays” and that implementation of a comprehensive safety management system based on leading indicators, actually reduces the cost of project performance as opposed to increasing it, thereby creating a direct benefit to our clients resulting from reduced project costs both in the government and commercial business sectors. This return on investment is not only measured fiscally, but also results in safer working conditions and practices, and an increased level of employee satisfaction and engagement.

Watermark promotes the following:

  • Maintaining safe and healthy working conditions;
  • Providing and ensuring the proper use of all necessary protective equipment to ensure the safety and health of employees and the public;
  • Providing employees with the information and training required to make them fully aware of known and suspected hazards that may be encountered and of the appropriate methods for protecting themselves, their co-workers, and the public; and
  • Encouraging active involvement of employees at all levels in the implementation and continuous improvement of the
    EHS Program.

Watermark takes job safety seriously. Our environmental, health, and safety programs are proactive, current and effective.

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