GIS Environmental Engineering

Fort Drum
Jefferson County, New York

Watermark provided environmental services associated with the revision of the Title V Air Permit and Contingency Plan including collection of Geospatial Data in support of the Contingency Plan revision, at Fort Drum.

Watermark reviewed the information in existing spill plans including relevant information on spill response resources, spill prevention procedures, and spill prevention training.  The Watermark Project Team visited 30 facilities identified as requiring site mapping and/or predictive modeling.  fort-drumThe Watermark Project Team also visited the 157 sites having propane tanks to observe the condition of each tank, the surroundings of each tank (e.g., nearby power lines, swales, water bodies), and nearby activities.  Following the collection and verification of information in the field, Watermark prepared maps (oversize panels) to depict large areas of the base and figures to depict individual areas depicting spill extents.

Watermark reviewed the data layer (supplied by Fort Drum) of the locations to be visited during the geospatial data collection effort and prepared the tables needed to support field data collection.  Watermark then downloaded the geospatial data for use in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program and generation of maps and figures.  fort-drum-2A sub-meter accurate GPS unit was used to measure the locations of site features.  A higher resolution GPS unit was used to check the accuracy of the sub-meter unit at 20 locations.

Each geospatial data (GIS) layer adhered to the guidance specified in the associated layers Quality Assurance Plan. Additionally, Watermark coordinated with the Fort Drum Environmental Division GIS manager for specific data development guidance.  All geospatial data layers conformed to established data and metadata standards.


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