HTRW Environmental Engineering

Wallops Flight Facility
Accomack County, Virginia

wallops-flight-facilityThe scope of services included investigations, feasibility studies, design, and engineering services for the assessment and remediation of Hazardous Toxic and Radiological Waste and Munitions and Explosives of Concern. Watermark provided environmental engineering services associated with the collection and analysis of soil and groundwater samples and other field activities at eight Main Base containerized hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste – petroleum, oils, and lubricants storage and distribution Areas of Interest (AIs) at the Main Base sector of the Wallops Flight Facility in Accomack County, Virginia.

There were eight AIs and a historical pipeline included in the project. The Main Base sector was purchased by the U.S. Government in the 1940s for use as a Naval Auxiliary Air Station and Naval Aviation Ordnance Test Station. The potential contamination and/or hazards associated with the AIs and pipeline in Project 12 may have resulted from past ownership, lease, or possession while under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Defense.


Watermark prepared the following documents for the project,:

  • Project Work Plan,
  • Field Sampling Plan,
  • Site-Specific Quality Assurance Project Plan,
  • Accident Prevention Plan, and
  • Site Safety and Health Plan.

During the investigations and field studies, Watermark collected analytical data to identify any hazardous substances at the AIs, and to investigate whether or not hazardous substances have been released to the environment.  Geophysical surveys of each of the AIs and the pipeline were performed to identify the locations of potential underground tanks and structures, as well as to determine the exact location of the pipeline.  Surface and subsurface soil samples and groundwater samples from temporary wells were then collected.  Data collected during this site investigation was being used to determine whether hazardous substances have impacted human health and the environment.

The report will be used to evaluate the need for further investigation, if warranted, and to support a recommendation for No Further Action, where appropriate.


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