Pavement and Drainage System Design

Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Providence, Rhode Island

Watermark was awarded a contract for a facility wide pavement and drainage system design at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) in Providence, RI. Watermark designed facility-wide pavement repairs which included cold milling or complete replacement of pavement, curb replacement, parking lot re-design and drainage structure repairs.

pavementWatermark conducted an initial inspection and prepared an Inspection Report to provide the VAMC with information necessary to prioritize and focus the design tasks on the highest priority areas based on the amount of funding available.  The Inspection Report provided a description of site observations, recommendations for required geotechnical investigations, recommended repair options, and preliminary cost estimates.

Where necessary to determine existing pavement sections of the existing roadways and parking lots to be repaired, a geotechnical subsurface exploration program was conducted.  Prior to advancement of borings, Watermark completed a subsurface utilities investigation.  A Quality Level B (QLB) investigation of the proposed boring locations was conducted in accordance with ASCE 38-02.

Watermark completed a site survey of the areas identified for repairs in order to establish lines, grades and control, and utility locations.  Pertinent existing site features (roads, curbs, parking areas, catch basins, etc.) were identified as part of the survey.

Watermark developed a proposed construction phasing schedule for the work which was included in the design specifications and drawings.  

Watermark prepared 30%, 100% and Final 100% Corrected Design submissions which each included a Design Analysis, Specifications, a Cost Estimate and Drawings.

Watermark provided Title II inspection services.



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