Groundwater Treatment Plant Operations and Maintenance

Silresim Superfund Site
Lowell, Massachusetts

Watermark was awarded a contract to monitor contaminated groundwater and to perform Operations & Maintenance (O&M) at the groundwater treatment plant (GWTP) at the Silresim Superfund Site. Watermark’s personnel have been involved at this challenging site since the GWTP was designed and constructed in 1994.  treatment-plantThe source area was approximately 4 acres in size and contaminated with non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) consisting of many types of organic solvents.

Watermark handles hazardous waste on a daily basis.  On average, Watermark has shipped approximately 100 drums of hazardous waste per year.  To date, Watermark has handled and shipped over 2.4 million pounds of hazardous waste.  For the project duration, the waste has been shipped to the Stablex facility in Canada.

This project also involves intensive O&M of the extraction and treatment system which includes:  31 extraction wells, phase separation, pH adjustment and polymer addition, metals removal, pressure filtration, air stripping, thermal oxidation for off-gas treatment, and a filter press system for sludge handling.  The extremely high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) require that some of the work at the Site be completed in Level C and B respiratory protection.  Operational adjustments have resulted in the majority of the plume core being captured by the extraction well array.


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