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HTRW Environmental Engineering

Wallops Flight Facility Accomack County, Virginia The scope of services included investigations, feasibility studies, design, and engineering services for the assessment and remediation of Hazardous Toxic and Radiological Waste and Munitions and Explosives of Concern. Watermark provided environmental engineering services associated with the collection and analysis of soil and groundwater samples and other field activities at eight Main Base containerized hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste – petroleum, oils, and lubricants storage and distribution Areas of Interest (AIs) at the Main Base sector of the Wallops Flight Facility in Accomack County, Virginia. There were eight AIs and a historical pipeline included…

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Environmental Due Diligence

Various Locations, Massachusetts Watermark was awarded Master Services Agreements (MSA’s) with several financial institutions including banks and credit unions (Confidential Clients). As part of these MSA’s, Watermark routinely performed environmental due diligence services to support property transfers, refinancing and/or bankruptcy proceedings. Properties assessed include commercial, industrial or residential properties. As part of the environmental due diligence services, Watermark conducted a thorough review of state and federal environmental databases and historic sources (fire insurance maps, aerial photographs, historic topographic maps, historic atlases and city stree t directories). Interviews with town officials (Assessor, Conservation Commission, Fire Department, Board of Health, Public Works,…

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